• Martin Gude

    Martin Gude

    Zodiac Coffee, Ascendant Apple Pie. Cyclist. #EFFZEH #FCSP. Organises @uxcampeurope . מי משוגה? אני משוגה!

  • Neil Patel

    Neil Patel

    Podcast host & producer . Fast learner, Passionate about storytelling. Good sense of humour, & Enjoy challenges! www.neilpatel.co

  • Cathryn Ploehn, MDes

    Cathryn Ploehn, MDes

    design, data viz / Lecturer at UT Austin / design at NIH Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute / MDes Carnegie Mellon

  • James Clary

    James Clary

  • lisandrobregant


    Consultor de Storytelling y Creatividad. Articulista y Profesor de la Universidad Abierta Interamericana

  • Chris Ferguson

    Chris Ferguson

    Passionate about applying #design to bridge the know-do gap @bridgeable CEO #servicedesign #experiencedesign #designthinking #cx #ux Loves #music family #bikes

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